2023 BMW M3/M4 Colors

2023 BMW M3/M4 Colors

The BMW M3 is an iconic vehicle for most car enthusiasts. From its early days as an E36 to the new G80 body style, these vehicles have been flagship cars for BMW. One of the most loved features of the M series vehicles is their great colors. Today, we will look at the exterior and interior colors of the 2023 BMW M3.

2023 BMW M3 Exterior Colors

BMW has always done a great job offering the perfect colors as paint options on the M3. The 2023 lineup is no exception, with 14 different paint options to choose from. As you can see from the list below, BMW favors metallic tones, which really accentuate the body lines and curves of the M3.

  • Alpine White
  • Aventurin Red Metallic
  • Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Brooklyn Gray Metallic
  • Frozen Brilliant White Metallic
  • Frozen Portimao Blue Metallic
  • Ind Frozen Pure Gray II Metallic
  • Individual Dravit Gray Metallic
  • Isle Of Man Green Metallic
  • Portimao Blue Metallic
  • Sao Paulo Yellow
  • Skyscraper Gray Metallic
  • Tanzanite Blue II Metallic 
  • Toronto Red Metallic

Special Edition Colors

BMW has also unveiled special edition M3s with exclusive paint colors to give these vehicles a one-of-a-kind look. These colors will include:

  • Cinnabar Red
  • Techno Violet
  • Deep Interlagos Blue
  • Fire Orange III
  • Limerock Gray

The special edition BMW M3s will also include special badging, wheels, and serialized plates inside. As far as the interior goes, you will get special upgrades such as M stripes, and for those who want to splurge, you can upgrade to M Carbon Bucket seats for $3,800. Each special edition M3 Jahre edition will also come with a BMW roller suitcase with a matching “50 Jahre” logo with red and blue stripes.

2023 BMW M3 Interior Colors

As with any sports car, the interior has to be just as exciting as the outside. For the 2023 M3, BMW gives you eight great colors to choose from in various combinations depending on which trim level you choose.

  • Black
  • Fiona Red
  • Fjord Blue
  • Ivory White
  • Kyalami Orange
  • Silverstone
  • Tartufo
  • Yas Marina Blue

Complimenting Your M3 With Carbon Fiber

As you can see, the 2023 BMW M3 comes in various colors. Adding carbon fiber parts is always a great upgrade, regardless of your chosen color. Carbon fiber complements every color and can add a more race-inspired look to your M3. If you are ready to upgrade your M3, shop our BMW M3 carbon fiber parts today at Feral Industries.