5 Carbon Fiber Upgrades For C8 Corvettes

5 Carbon Fiber Upgrades For C8 Corvettes

When upgrading your C8 Corvette, one of the most popular upgrades is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber upgrades complement any color while giving your Corvette better styling and aerodynamics. At Feral Industries, we are proud to offer a wide selection of C8 Corvette parts to choose from. Today, we are going to look at the top 5 carbon fiber parts we offer for the C8 Corvette.

5 Carbon Fiber Upgrades For C8 Corvette

Front Spoiler

Adding a carbon fiber front spoiler to your C8 Corvette is a great way to give your vehicle a great new look. These carbon fiber front spoilers not only look good, but they also help with front-end aerodynamics. As a three-piece kit, this C8 Corvette carbon fiber front spoiler is easy to install and comes with all of the necessary hardware. 

Quarter Panel Door Handle/Side Scoop

On the C8, a gloss black trim piece goes from the door handle down to the side scoop. A popular upgrade for this piece is a carbon fiber direct replacement panel. At Feral Industries, we are proud to offer a high-quality carbon fiber door handle/side scoop panel to add a touch of carbon fiber to the side of your Corvette.

Grille Insert

The grille inserts are another great area to upgrade on the front end of the C8 Corvette. These inserts are composed of two trim pieces that mount on the vehicle's front bumper. Our Feral Industries carbon fiber grill inserts help to upgrade your Corvette and give you a totally new look to the front end of your car. 

Side Skirts

Adding a set of side skirts is a great way to upgrade just about any sports car. Since aftermarket side skirts are traditionally mounted to the bottom of the factory side skirts, they not only add better styling, they also help to make the entire vehicle look lower than it actually is. Our carbon fiber skirts are also a great way to tie together other carbon fiber parts on your C8 Corvette. 

Rear Low Wing

Last, but certainly not least is the C8 Corvette carbon fiber rear low wing by Feral Industries. This carbon fiber rear spoiler is a three-piece design that features a spoiler and two wicker bill winglets, giving you the ability to add more form and function to your spoiler. Carbon fiber rear spoilers are very popular on many different cars, adding a touch of contrast to any color car.

C8 Carbon Fiber Parts From Feral Industries

With so many great carbon fiber parts to choose from for your C8 Corvette, it is easy to find the perfect addition to your C8 Corvette. Each of our parts are created with the best materials in the industry to give you a strong and durable finish. Shop our full selection of carbon fiber Corvette C8 parts today!