5 Ways To Reduce Weight On Your Car

5 Ways To Reduce Weight On Your Car

In the car-enthusiast world, making your car faster is usually at the top of the list for most. You can usually do one of two things to make your car faster or a combination of both. The most popular route, and the most traveled, is by adding performance mods. This includes performance exhaust kits, cold air intakes, and other items that increase or free up horsepower. The other option is to make your car lighter, which allows you to make more use of your current power by moving less weight. Weight reduction can be achieved while making your car look great as well. Today, we are going to look at 5 ways you can reduce the weight of your car for better performance and aesthetics!

5 Weight Reduction Mods For Your Car

Lightweight Wheels

One of the most impactful mods you can do to any car is adding a new set of wheels. When you choose lighter wheels than your factory wheels, you reduce unsprung weight on each corner while giving your car a completely different look. This reduced weight will help with better handling and can improve your overall driving experience.

Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon fiber is another great way to save weight while upgrading your car. When adding a front chin spoiler, rear spoiler, diffuser, or other body parts, there are several materials you can choose from. Choosing carbon fiber can allow you to get the lightest and strongest option available while giving you a superior look compared to other materials. 

Lightweight Seats

Moving to the interior of the car, there are a few different things you can do to reduce weight, but the most popular option is to switch to lightweight seats. The factory seats in most cars are going to be full of electronics, seat warmers, seat coolers, and other options. This can be great for a daily driver, but for those looking to cut weight, an aftermarket seat can save over 20lbs in many cases.

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems

An aftermarket exhaust system is usually a go-to for most car enthusiasts looking to free up some horsepower and give their car an aggressive new sound. While this is a great way to improve performance, it can also reduce weight. Many aftermarket exhaust kits reduce the size of heavier factory components, or in some cases, eliminate them, saving you some weight while giving your car a whole new sound.

Lighter Suspension Components

Lastly, lighter suspension components are a great way to reduce weight and give you better traction, especially if you plan on racing your car. Whether you drag race or road race, lighter, more rigid suspension parts can play a key role in performance due to their upgraded components and lighter weight. Keep in mind, some aftermarket suspension components can increase NHV (Noise, Harshness, Vibration) due to the tougher bushings, but this is a small tradeoff to the performance and weight benefits.


Weight reduction doesn’t have to be met with compromise. Each of the options above allows you to not only benefit from the lighter-weight materials, but you get better-looking, and better-performing parts for your car. At Feral Industries, we understand the need for high-quality, light-weight, carbon fiber components to give your vehicle an upgraded look. Shop our selection of carbon fiber car parts to upgrade your vehicle today!