Benefits Of Ceramic Coating Carbon Fiber

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating Carbon Fiber

What is Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a very popular detailing service that can protect your vehicle’s paint from external damage. The chemicals in ceramic coating help to bond to the car’s paint to create a layer of hydrophobic protection. This causes the beading of water you commonly see on vehicles with ceramic coating. This ceramic coating protects the paint and prevents dirt, grime, and debris from ruining your clear coat. 

Benefits Of Ceramic Coating Carbon Fiber

Ceramic coating is not limited to your vehicle’s painted surfaces, it can be applied to wheels and carbon fiber parts as well. In fact, it is recommended to protect your carbon fiber parts with ceramic coating for increased durability, UV protection, and increased lifespan. 


By acting as a layer of protection, similar to clear coat, the ceramic coating adds a layer of durability to your carbon fiber parts. This allows you to increase the protection of your carbon components from road grime damage. While it will not completely protect you from all types of damage, it will give you more protection than not having your components coated.

UV Protection

If not properly protected, carbon fiber components can become damaged with constant exposure to UV rays. While the carbon fiber itself is not susceptible to UV damage, the resin that is used to bond the carbon fibers together can become damaged if not properly protected. Ceramic coating can help protect this resin from UV exposure and keep your carbon components looking great for years to come.

Hydrophobic Characteristics

If your entire car is ceramic coated, you know just how easy it is to wash your car due to the hydrophobic characteristics of the coating. By adding this type of coating to your  carbon fiber components, you are only going to make your car cleaning easier and prevent hard water sports on your expensive carbon fiber components.