BMW G80 M3 Wheel Torque Specs

BMW G80 M3 Wheel Torque Specs




Year Range

Wheel Torque





101 ft/lbs / 140 Nm

Looking to upgrade the way your BMW G80 M3 looks and performs? Feral Industries is here with the perfect solution! Offering carbon fiber parts and useful tech knowledge such as wheel torque specs to make sure that both novice drivers or experienced drivers get the maximum performance out of their vehicle. Today, we will look at the lug nut torque specs for the 2021+ BMW G80 M3 and the torque sequence so that you can easily replace or change out your wheels and tires while keeping your wheels at the recommended torque spec.

What Are Wheel Torque Specs?

Wheel torque specs, or lug nut torque specs, are the force needed to accurately tighten down your BMW G80 M3’s lug nuts. The manufacturer sets this standard, and it should be used when replacing or changing wheels on your G80 M3.

Ensuring your BMW G80 M3's wheels are tightened to the exact specifications is key for optimal vehicle performance and safety. You must consult your owner’s manual to understand the torque specs set by the manufacturer when replacing or changing a wheel on this model car. If ever unsure, always seek help from trusted professionals who can accurately guide any maintenance work related to torquing requirements for optimum results with added peace of mind about safety precautions.

How To Tighten Down Your Lug Nuts

You must also consider the lug tightening sequence when torquing down your wheels. As a general rule of thumb, you will want to tighten your lug nuts in a star pattern. 

  1. Hand-tighten each lug nut to get the wheel snug on the rotor.
  2. Starting with the top lug nut, torque each lug nut, moving on to the lug nut directly across from it to create an even star pattern.
  3. After driving 50-100 miles, retorque the wheels to ensure they have retained the proper torque.

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