BMW M3 G80 Vs M4 G82: What's The Difference?

BMW M3 G80 Vs M4 G82: What's The Difference?

BMW has been known for producing remarkable cars that often set the standards in the automobile industry. The BMW M3 and M4 series are no different. These two models have been making waves throughout the automobile industry for years. However, some people argue that there's nothing new or different about the models, and both cars are just similar, with small differences. This blog aims to unveil the real difference between the BMW M3 G80 and M4 G82. 

Differences Between BMW M3 G80 & M4 G82

Exterior Design

The BMW M3 G80 and M4 G82 have the same exterior designs, but upon closer inspection, you will realize that the M3 has slightly milder bodywork with a narrower grille and fewer body vents, while the M4 has wider fenders, larger air intakes, and a sporty-looking grille. 


Similarly, the interior of these cars is similar with subtle differences. The BMW M4 G82 has a more traditional two-door coupe, while the M3 G80 has four doors with enough space and comfortability in both models.


Performance-wise, both BMW M3 G80 and M4 G82 share the same engine, the S58 straight-six, but the M3 has a comparatively lower power output at 473 horsepower, while the M4 produces an impressive 503 horsepower. Additionally, the M3 has a six-speed manual transmission, while the M4 G82 comes with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

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In summary, the BMW M3 G80 and M4 G82 are two different cars that cater to different people's needs. While the M3 G80 focuses more on practicality, the M4 G82 highlights performance, showcasing incredible power and impressive design features. Therefore, it is simply a matter of preference and functional requirements when it comes to selecting between the two cars. 

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