How Does A Rear Diffuser Work?

How Does A Rear Diffuser Work?

When it comes to modding your vehicle, there are certain components that you add for performance enhancement and some that you add simply to upgrade the looks of your car. You usually get the best of both worlds with performance mods as they add performance and make your car look better. Rear diffusers are a great example of these mods; today, we will look at how they work.

How Do Rear Diffusers Work? 

The goal of a rear diffuser is to increase the vehicle’s downforce to help give the car more grip and reduce overall aerodynamic drag. Similar to the Venturi Effect, the reduction in fluid pressure when a fluid flows through a constricted section of a pipe, a rear diffuser helps to accelerate the flow of air under the car by creating an area of low pressure which increases downforce.

Does A Rear Diffuser Increase Performance?

Now that we know how a rear diffuser works, the most popular question is, does it increase performance? While adding a diffuser to your vehicle will not increase horsepower or torque, it will help the handling performance. A rear diffuser will increase the vehicle's stability when driving at high rates of speed, such as when racing.