1000 Horsepower Bagged Trackhawk

1000 Horsepower Bagged Trackhawk

The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk was arguably one of the most badass vehicles Dodge has put out. A 700+ horsepower SUV is not something you see every day, but its something we, as car enthusiasts, love to see. Geared for car enthusiasts, these SUVs were quickly modded as soon as they hit the streets. Today, we will look at one of our favorite Trackhawk builds.

1000 Horsepower Bagged Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

One look at this insane build and you may have trouble on where you want to start. From the menacing exterior to the insane engine bay, we could talk about this Trackhawk for hours. To save time and allow his Instagram (@track_hawk) to do the talking, we will touch on this build's high points. 


From the factory, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is an animal with a supercharged 6.2L V8 engine. Most refer to this as the Hellcat motor, a 707-horsepower pavement-pounding machine. This was not enough for the Trackhawk owner, and with the help of TNA Motorsport, a 422 stroker was dropped in and paired with a Whipple supercharger to make over 1000 horsepower. Duster Hoff Tuning helped dial this beast in and made some serious power.


Wheels can make or break a vehicle, and with this Trackhawk, the two combinations used as a street and strip combo definitely make this SUV. For a street setup, a Velgen Classic5 V2s in Gloss Black set provides the perfect look to showcase the Trackhawk’s bright orange calipers. This SUV sports a set of WELD Wheels and performance tires when it's track time to put down some serious numbers at the track.


Looking at this high-horsepower Trackhawk, you can tell it's all about business. This SUV was done right from the aggressive stance to the carbon fiber add-ons! This Trackhawk is sporting the Feral Industries carbon fiber front spoiler, rear diffuser, and side skirts to add a menacing and more sporty look to this already fierce-looking Grand Cherokee. The matte black stripes outlined in orange contrast with the perfect black paint and orange-painted calipers.

Carbon Fiber Trackhawk Parts From Feral Industries

Feral Industries is the solution if you are ready to upgrade the looks of your Trackhawk. With the goal of creating high-quality carbon fiber components that give you both form and functionality, Feral Industries is your #1 source for Carbon Fiber parts. If you want more information about Feral Industries’ Trackhawk parts, contact us at sales@feral-industries.com.