2021-2022 BMW M3/4 Carbon Fiber Parts

2021-2022 BMW M3/4 Carbon Fiber Parts

The M3 and M4 are two of BMW’s most famous vehicles over the past few decades. From the first M3 in 1986 to the latest in 2022, the M3 has been a staple in the car enthusiast world. Like any car that gains the attention of us car enthusiasts, the aftermarket follows with great upgrades to customize them. Besides adding power and suspension parts, carbon fiber is one of the most popular upgrades for the M3 and M4 vehicles. At Feral industries, we are proud to offer Carbon Fiber BMW G80/G82 parts! Let’s take a closer look at what we have to offer.

Carbon Fiber BMW M3/M4 Front Spoiler

While the 2021-2022 BMW M3/M4 looked amazing from the factory, it was missing one key component - a great-looking front spoiler. A front spoiler is a must-have for any performance vehicle as it improves performance and adds an aggressive/sporty look to the vehicle. At Feral Industries, we have identified this mod's need and created a carbon fiber BMW M3/M4 front spoiler to complete the look.

Carbon Fiber BMW M3/M4 Rear Spoiler

From the factory, the BMW M3/M4 was offered with a spoiler, but we felt it could be improved upon. At Feral Industries, we have developed the perfect addition to any BMW G80/G82, a carbon fiber rear wing. This rear wing is great for adding aerodynamics, custom styling, and a tasteful touch of carbon fiber to your BMW. Each wing is made from autoclave 2x2 pre-preg carbon fiber and includes all necessary hardware for installation.

Carbon Fiber 2021-2022 BMW M3/M4 From Feral Industries

Feral Industries is the solution if you are ready to upgrade the looks of your 2021-2022 BMW M3 or M4. With the goal of creating high-quality carbon fiber components that give you both form and functionality, Feral Industries is your #1 source for Carbon Fiber parts. If you want more information about Feral Industries’ 2021-2022 BMW M3/M4 parts, contact us at sales@feral-industries.com.