How Do Car Spoilers Work?

How Do Car Spoilers Work?

A rear wing, also known as a spoiler, is a very popular modification for vehicles that is sometimes included on a car from the factory. While many of these are added to production cars for looks, many aftermarket rear wings are added to increase both looks and performance. Today, we will look at what a rear wing does and the benefits of adding one to your vehicle.

What Does A Rear Wing Do?

When used in performance applications, a rear wing changes the airflow above, around, or underneath the vehicle to reduce drag and create more downforce. The goal is to create more downforce and help your car grip the street at high speeds. There are various spoilers you can choose from, and each will have its specific performance attributes. You can choose from pedestal spoilers, lip spoilers, active spoilers, and many others to give your vehicle an increase in handling and great looks.

At What Speed Does A Rear Wing Work?

Since a rear wing will reduce drag and create more downforce, they will be most effective at 60+ mph. That is why you see the more complicated and uniquely designed spoilers on F1 and race cars. Without a rear spoiler, these cars would not be able to maneuver as quickly as they do due to the lack of downforce. 

Carbon Fiber Rear Wings From Feral Industries

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