How Do You Maintain Carbon Fiber Parts?

How Do You Maintain Carbon Fiber Parts?

Whether you have just purchased your first carbon fiber upgrade or are looking for the maintenance procedure before you purchase carbon fiber, knowing how to care for it can increase the life of your car parts. Since carbon fiber is a polymer and requires specific car instructions, keeping it maintained is vital. Today, we will discuss how to clean your carbon parts and seal them for ultimate protection.

How To Wash Carbon Fiber Parts

Carbon fiber parts can be washed similarly to your paint when it comes to washing. Use a gentle cleanser or soap, avoid acidic or harsh chemicals, and wash your carbon fiber parts in the same fashion as your entire vehicle. You will want to dry carbon fiber immediately after washing and avoid letting water sit on carbon fiber parts until it evaporates. This causes hard water spots and can cause clearcoat failure. Use a soft, microfiber town to dry your parts to avoid scratching the clearcoat gently. 

How To Seal Carbon Fiber Parts

Much like car paint, you will want to seal your carbon fiber parts with wax to protect them from the sun’s UV rays. Failure to seal your parts can cause premature failure due to fading and clearcoat damage. Using a non-acidic liquid wax, most car-paint-safe waxes will work, following the same procedure, you would for your vehicle. You will want to avoid using paste wax as it can contain abrasive materials that will damage the clearcoat over time.

How To Maintain Carbon Fiber Parts

If you plan on storing your vehicle for long periods, periodically wipe the dust off of your carbon fiber parts, as dust buildup can cause damage to the carbon fiber’s clear coat. If you are using a car cover, try to avoid synthetic car covers as they can release residue that can damage the clear coat. Lastly, if possible, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible when storing your vehicle. This will increase the UV inhibitor's life span in your clear coat.

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