Is Carbon Fiber Worth it?

Is Carbon Fiber Worth it?

In the world of car modifications, there are plenty of upgrades to choose from. From wheels to exterior accessories, you can easily make your vehicle an extension of your personality. One of the most common upgrades when it comes to exterior and interior components is carbon fiber. Today, we will look at carbon fiber parts and whether they are worth it.

What Are Carbon Fiber Parts?

Carbon fiber parts are very similar to ABS plastic parts, such as front splitters, side splitters, rear diffusers, and even interior trim pieces. Instead of plastic, carbon fiber increases durability, offers a lightweight alternative, and gives you a better overall look on your vehicle. 


One of the biggest benefits of using carbon fiber on car parts is the durability aspect. Carbon fiber is a polymer of 90% carbon fibers and 10% rayon or petroleum pitch. This combination makes a material with high stiffness, high tensile strength, and a high strength-to-weight ratio. Carbon fiber also exhibits high chemical resistance properties and high-temperature tolerance, making it great for vehicles with serious track time.


Carbon fiber is well known for being lightweight, which is why it is used in race applications. Carbon fiber hoods, splitters, and diffusers offer a great lightweight alternative to steel and ABS plastic counterparts. Every little bit of weight that can be saved on a car can help increase its overall performance, so carbon fiber is highly sought after by most car enthusiasts. 


Lastly, the famous pattern is another huge benefit of carbon fiber parts. The weaved look offers a smooth yet textured look that can seriously increase the aesthetics of any vehicle’s exterior or interior. Carbon fiber parts can also be used in the engine bay to give your engine an upgraded look. Since the carbon fiber pattern is so popular, the pattern has been used in vinyl wraps to mimic carbon fiber when a real carbon alternative cannot be found. This is quite popular for carbon fiber interior trim kits that overlay on factory plastic.

Carbon Fiber Parts From Feral Industries

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